Slim, Light-weight, High-powered LED Light Panels

Made from the next generation of LED beads technology, which reduces energy consumption, while at the same time produces high luminence, these new Vpad and Rpad panels are ideal for most applications in video and photography.
With built-in battery compartments, either V-mount or NP-F types, these panels can be easily deployed outdoors.
Model Vpad-112 Vpad-150 Vpad-350/350D
LED 112 144 350
Max. Output 12W 15W 45W
CRI 95% 95% 95%
Color Temp. 3200-5600K 3200-5600K 5600K/3200-5600K
Size 175 x 167 x 27mm 188 x 148 x 28mm 250 x 350 x 42mm
Weight 250g 360g 1,100g
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Model Rpad-112 R-pad-450/450V Rpad-450D/450DV
LED 112 256 256
Power NP-F NP-F/AC/V-lock NP-F/AC/V-lock
Max. Output 12W 75W 75W
CRI 95% 95% 95%
Color Temp. 3200-5600K 5600K 3200-5600K
Size Ø160 x 28mm Ø450 x 55mm Ø450 x 55mm
Weight 270g 2,000g 2,000g

Cononmark – The Wonder Portables

By now, many has discovered and are impressed by the performance and wonder of the Cononmark range of portables, namely the B4, the AK4, K4T and the latest addition – the i6T EX. These flashes are small and light, you won’t feel the weight on your back.

From the basic flash functionality of the B4 to the feature-rich K4T with TTL and High Speed Sync features for Canon, Nikon and Sony MMI cameras, there’s bound to be one that suits every photographers’ needs. The latest i6T is a strong little flash targeting to those who needs more power!
  • Cononmark B4

    For the beginner as well as the seasoned photographer, the B4 is a simple portable flash, powering at 400W. The battery is attached at the top, capable of shooting approximately 300 shots at full power on a single charge. The flash can be controlled with the included wireless remote that also functions as the trigger. Very light, it is easy to set up and carry around on outdoor assignments.
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  • Cononmark AK4

    Built upon the features of its predecessors, the G4 and the DL4, the AK4 includes the ability to shoot at high speed sync, up to 1/8000s. The external lithium-ion battery is of higher capacity, that can last up to 650 shots per single charge on full power settings. Weighing under 2kg, it is still very portable to be used almost anywhere.
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  • Cononmark K4T

    Finally, high speed sync and TTL functions built in! Retaining its compact and lightweight profile, the K4T now has the ability to sync with your camera to shoot in TTL mode. Remote trigger available for Canon, Nikon and Sony users. The special ABC trigger that comes with the K4T is able to control up to 3 flashes and each power and setting can be individually configured.
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  • Cononmark i6T EX

    Imagine a flash that has it all TTL, high speed sync, small form factor, light weight and wire-free! The battery is attached at the top of the flash. The i6T EX is powered at 600W, up by 50% more power than the others in the range. Fully-charged battery capable of giving out 650 shots at full power. ABC trigger included for Canon, Nikon or Sony cameras.
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  • TG Series

    TG series with breakthrough folding design. It is unique with 180º reverse folding function. The folded size makes it easier to carry with travelling bag.
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  • GX Series

    GX series adopt latest carbon fiber technique. Traditional problem of weak tenacity is solved, and anti-resonance is also strongly increased.
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  • TR Series

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This range of LEDGO LED lights are still as viable today as when it was introduced some time back. With is unique modular design, the panels are stackable to form bigger units for more powerful light. On its own, these LED lights are suitable for many different uses, for photography and video.
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Fomex Studio Flashes and Accessories

For years, the Fomex range of studio flash and accessories has been a popular choice for many photographers. Robust, consistent and very durable, these flashes and accessories are value for money. Built quality is very high, looks highly professional and performs admirably. Come in and check out what’s available.
  •  Studio Flash

    Studio Flash

  •  E600


  •  G600


  •  Parabolic Softbox

    Parabolic Softbox

  •  Beauty Dish

    Beauty Dish

  •  Snoot


  •  Octagon Softbox

    Octagon Softbox

  •  Back Light Reflector

    Back Light Reflector

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